Spud 2

Meet Spud

Spud Taylor is a fully qualified chef who quite obviously loves his job and has the confidence and talent that comes with many years of catering experience. His natural ability, affable nature and attention to detail means that his culinary creations never fail to delight.

He is equally at home cooking for the masses as he is creating intimate dining experiences in private homes. He has worked as a personal chef on a luxury yacht, catered for bands on tour, run kitchens on oil rigs and has even fronted his own cooking TV show.

Spud attributes the key to his success as a desire to please.

“I want clients to enjoy my food so nothing but the best is good enough. I still put pressure on myself even though cooking comes easy to me.”  

Spud Taylor

Meet Louisa

Food has always been a big thing for Louisa Taylor. As a graduate of Westminster Catering College, she travelled the world in catering and hospitality roles, spending several years at a time in far-flung countries such as India, Thailand and Japan.

It was in Spain that she met husband-to-be Spud. The marriage of a highly trained chef to someone with years of experience in hospitality was a match made in foodie heaven. Their catering business in Andalucia became a local institution, particularly amongst expats missing the comforts of homemade British food.

Louisa is a natural at putting people at ease in her ‘front of house’ role. She is meticulously organised and highly adept at managing a team of staff, enabling clients to relax and genuinely enjoy the experience of hosting an event.

“I work intuitively when it comes to food, flavours and the ability to create a wholly pleasurable experience for clients. I love being around people and work well under pressure. We enjoy it and that shows.” 

Louisa Taylor

Louisa Taylor